Located in Belleville Ontario, I use the Innova longarm machine with Auto Pilot and Lightning Stitch on a 12 foot frame. I have a wide selection of thread colours to choose from and I offer batting at reasonable prices. I do not accept bed sheets for use as backing as most contain polyester. The quilt backing and batting should be at least 6 inches wider than the quilt top.

That said, a 60" x 60" quilt top should have the quilt backing and batting measuring at least 66"x 66". This is to ensure that the quilt can be fastened to the quilting frame.

Please bring a 10 inch sq piece of your quilt top material if you have it. It helps for setting the tension.  The quilt top should be squared and both the quilt top and backing should be ironed. Please trim any lose threads. There is an additional charge if you wish for me to trim the threads.


Edge to edge quilting is $3.20 per sq ft 

To determine the square footage 

length times width divided by 144

60 x 60 divide by 144 = 25 sq feet @ $3.20 = $80.00


I've had so many request for material that I've made the leap to provide a reasonable selection of extra wide material for quilt backings and standard widths in a variety of colours for piecing or sewing projects. Feel free to drop by and have a look, but be sure to call ahead, I may not be home. My prices are very competitive. I think you'll be pleased.


Perhaps your looking to learn how to quilt or just need help with a project your working on. I offer classes and help on an individual or group basis. Call and sent up an appointment.